Oct 16 2008


Things are moving right along. artdc.org is growing, and I’m getting the feeling that great things will come to our city. Recently I had the opportunity to view a work by Richard Serra, and I was knocked out. In this world there are some amazing artists, but you know that. What inspiration. It makes me want to spend some time learning about sculpture and installation art. Visit artdc.org and post about your favorite artists and why you like them. I’d love to learn about your inspiration.

During the day, I’m still working at Georgetown, this time I’m working as a Technician for a Med-School Microbiology class. This has been quite an experience working in large numbers like this. It reminds me of my days out of college working in a production lab. It’s a different world from research, but still a great feeling to produce an experiment that works.

In the mean time, check out the progress at dcbio.org, the community is growing there…