This post is long overdue, a year in the making. Since starting the blog version of this site, jessecohen.com a tremendous number of events have occurred in my business, professional, and personal life! From getting married, to starting a gallery and curating or organizing over 14 art shows in the past year, it has been a busy and exciting time.

In my professional life, I’m working in a new lab in Georgetown University while I’m learning new techniques like micro-arrays which will provide useful data about a number of important pathways in the direction of our research.

In my business life, I’ve blogged with an effort to increase awareness of DC area art on artdc.com while I pushed the limits of the artdc community on artdc.org .  As always I’m really pleased to see a cohesive nature budding in the DC area art scene, which was part of our goal when we started artdc.org.  My thoughts go out to all of the artists who showed up to that first meeting at Teaism in March of 2004.  We’ve done things that I never knew were possible, from starting a gallery to working with developers to do pop-up exhibitions and developing face-to-face relationships that started on the internet.  We’ve developed a powerful tool, we look forward to taking it to new places.

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