Jul 23 2013

Social Media?

Recently, I decided to increase my micro blogging presence. Twitter provides such a unique opportunity to connect with anyone out there. Back when twitter was new, I posted my first tweet in April of 2008 @artdc. Find that tweet here. At that point, my account didn’t get much use! Shame on me for lost time!

A few months ago I realized the value twitter, and began to build a useful profile! With a wider reach,  it was necessary to separate my art and personal profiles. I felt it was confusing to mix too many layers of conversation in one place. So I started @theJesseCohen to talk a bit more about my personal and science interests. I find it to be both shocking and exciting to broadcast information, and then receive a response. There is a new personal layer of communication that has been developing. We are moving beyond the connection of a landing page and comments. I’m glad to be on board with a new level of understanding.

Jul 23 2013

Links to other JC’s out there?

In 2012, I posted an idea. I’d love to network with more people that have the same name. So if you are another Jesse Cohen, and have a website, drop me a line, and I can start a new page on this site with a links to other Jesse Cohens. Please send only personal pages. We can make the web just a bit more connected. Click the contact link above to drop me a note.