A close to the year.

It has been an amazing year.  With the new transition from Science to Business I’ve had a lot to do.  I have a new appreciation for the retail world and the business behind art.  I’m thankful to those who’ve supported my move and the development of my new shop with L’Eclat de Verre.  The new shop is growing which is quite exciting and time consuming.

There are a lot of kettle’s in the fire.  More to come on that.  But for the moment, we/I need to get some more posts up on this site.   There’s potential in the discussion of business development, our products, but then that’s not personal enough for a self-titled blog.  This isn’t just another marketing engine.  Nor did I ever want this to be a place holder.  It’s not just about resumes.

I’m still interested in developing a resource so that other JC’s can find each other or those who are looking for someone else with the same name can find them.  This year has been one where I’ve received a bunch of emails for another Jesse Cohen.

If you’d like a link to a personal web site of other  Jesse Cohen’s out there, drop me a line here.

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