Jesse Cohen is an artist in the DC metro area. He is a photographer using alternative processes mixing silver gelatin, cyanotype, gum bichromate, digital techniques, and more. In Jesse Cohen’s Washington, DC studio, 35mm, Large Format, and Ditigtal technologies are all utilized to produce original images.During the day, he works as a Manger at L’Eclat de Verre working in new business development.

Artist’s Statement:

In the field of molecular biology we work with systems and materials that are understood but not seen.  Our experiments and processes are viewed second-hand through results of chemical interactions left on a plate, or a photographic image of a gel marked by a passing reaction.  Our work seems to exist at an odd intersection between the abstract and the concrete.

My work is representative of that idea.  If you draw close to any object, soon it begins to take on abstract qualities.  For example, we are used to seeing still-life images at a certain distance, arm’s length or more.  Yet, once you enter into a flower’s stamen for a look around, you arrived at Terra Incognita where everything is fresh and unknown.

In these images I’ve tried to move in close for a different view: to focus closely and sharply on the flat of a petal or a cup’s curve to set the image clearly in the real world, yet let the field dissolve into forms that are un-noticed periphery in everything we see.

I transform thoughts and emotions onto paper with an altered reality using alternative processes depicting elements of abstraction, lust, comfort, sadness, and existence.

Founder’s Statement:
In the art scene, new artists are often unintentionally hidden from the public. Artists must create and allow for their own discovery, often through active networking. Synergy develops through the creation of movements and artists’’s goal is to fill this gap in the Washington, D.C. art scene by providing an environment for emerging and established artists to communicate with each other, with galleries, and with collectors. was created to allow us to push our art scene and our own development through our expanded communication. Our discussion and communication will aid our emergence as professional artists, and push our discovery.

March 2004-present – Founder of
May 2005-present – Curator for and Fine Art Ventures, LLC
February 2009-present – President and CEO of Fine Art Ventures, LLC
Artist – Current medium: “alternative process” photography

Curatorial Activity: online curatorial activities, including group shows and Web activity listed above.
November 19, 2009 – Developed the “Art You Must Acquire” project
March 14, 2009 – “Photographers’ Show”
April 11, 2009 – Surfaces, artdc Gallery – Alexandra Zealand & Adam Eig
May 16, 2009 – “12×12” – artdc Gallery – Group Exhibit – “Works Less Than 1 Square Foot”
June 13, 2009 – “Space Contained” – artdc Gallery – Artists: Sy Gresser, Michael Winger, Steven Dobbin
August 15, 2009 – “The Common Element” – Glass Sculpture – David D’Orio/Erwin Timmers
August 29, 2009 – “The ZIP Code Show” – pop-up gallery in South Arlington
September 25, 2009 – “Pinned” – founding artists show; no frames allowed
October 30, 2009 – “Sculpture: 301” – curated by Steven Jones; organized by FAV
November 12, 2009 – “Becoming Animal” – The Art League – Solo Jury Member
November 21, 2009 – “I Cure Myself…” – Michael Winger Installation/Healing Art
December 3, 2009 – “Patron’s Exhibit” – exhibition of work by patrons
January 17, 2010 – “The People’s Choice” – group show inspired by online curatorial activity
February 14, 2010 – “Lust” – Valentine’s Day celebration of love and creativity
March 13, 2010 – “Censored” – Co-curator of a self-censored figure photo show, a comment on society
April 5, 2010 – Lorton Workhouse, Juried monthly memership exhibition
April 10, 2010 – “Big! Grayson’s View…” – co-curated exhibition of large work in a small space
May 22, 2010 – “12×12” – Group show, works under 1 square foot
June 18, 2010 – “Don’t Feed the Art…” – Kinetic art by area artists
July 17, 2010 – “Coverage” – work related to relationships to the body, geography, and memory
August 21, 2010 – “Drill Baby, Drill…” co-curated petroleum spill benefit
September 18, 2010 – “Square One” Managed UMD intern-curated undergraduate show
October 9, 2010 – “Alien Inside,” Breast Cancer benefit curated by Deidree Bennett
December 4, 2010 – “artdc Auction,” a benefit fundraiser for the artdc Gallery
January 22, 2011 – “Structure, energy” works that focus on structure, minimalism, or process based work
February 6, 2011 – “2012 Collectors Showcase,” selected the best in show and prize winers
February 21, 2011 – “Censored,” a self-censored installation of figure photograph
April, 23, 2011 – “Realism…Believe,” – Hyper-realism and Trompe L’oeil
May 14, 2011 – “Patron’s Exhibit,” a benefit for Patron’s and artists
June 6, 2011 – “Intersections,” co-curator with Justin Strom from UMD, UMD Graduate artists
July 16, 2011 – “Emerging From Hyattsville,” emerging Hyattsville area artists
December 8, 2011 – “Petri Dish” Jury for The Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA Events:
May 2005 – “Art in Transition,” group show, Silver Spring, MD
December 2005 – “Los Arrieros Under $300” group show, Silver Spring, MD
April 2006 – “ Studio Show,” 945 T Street, Washington, DC
July 9, 2006 – Studio Open House, 411 New York Ave., NE Washington, DC
January 27, 2007 – “Flux: An Art Sensory Overload,” ArtOutlet partner
April 2007 Gateway Heliport Gallery, Silver Spring, Md., Artists Show
October 13, 2007 – U Street show curated by Mark Waskow
February 21, 2009 – artdc gallery and studio auction/fundraiser, Wohlfarth Galleries
August 29, 2009 – The ZIP Code Show – pop-up gallery in Arlington, VA
Ongoing Online Self-portrait Project
November 6, 2010 – SuddenSpace – pop-up gallery in Arlington, VA
Febuary 5, 2011 – August – “Swirl” Jurried art with local wine tastings at Twisted Vines

March 13, 2007 – Washington Sculptor’s Group Internet Marketing Techniques Discussion
November 15, 2008 – Arts Council of Fairfax County Seminar: Marketing the Arts in the 21st Century
November 12, 2009 – The Art League, Alexandria, VA – Curatorial Discussion
January 12, 2011- Arts Day Panel discussion, Leadership Arlington

Projects: – a grass roots artists’ group that started online in March 2004
artdc Gallery in Hyattsville, Md. – a brick-and-mortar gallery that presents D.C.-area artists
Art in Transition – an ongoing pop-up gallery project displaying the work of D.C.-area artists
Art you must acquire – an ongoing public art consulting project through
Metro-area art scene map – an interactive “online” map with more than 120 art locations
Artist Link List – an actively growing list of more than 250 D.C.-area art-related links
20002 Studio – a studio organized by members owned by WMGC
20871 Studio – a studio organized by Fine Art Ventures, LLC
Online group-curated art shows – Exhibitions on the Web at

January 3, 2007 – The Examiner, Washington, D.C., “The Showcase Goes on” – Artomatic collaboration
January 10, 2007 – Washington City Paper, “Big in Ohio”
January 11, 2007 – The Washington Post, “Artomatic Thinks Small in Bethesda”
January 17, 2007 –, “Northern Virginia Art Beat”
June 13, 2008 – Washington City Paper, “City Desk” – Blog by Amanda Hess
March 6, 2008 – Wonkette links to’s review of MOCA’s show
August 20, 2009 – The Express, “The Far Fringe of Maryland: Hyattsville’s Fringe Jazz
October 29, 2009 – DC Fine Arts Examiner, “Sculpture: 301”
November 4, 2009 – “The Artist Live-Work Spaces of the DC Area
November 2009 – artdc hits Hyattsville –Prince Georges Suite
November 29, 2009 – The Express, “Bundle Up: Anorak”
February 24, 2011 – Gazette, “Naked underneath
May 19, 2011 – East City Art, “East City Art Visits the Artdc Gallery in Hyattsville
July 26, 2011 – GALO Magazine, “The Man Behind The Movement
September 12, 2011 – The Chevy Chase Patch, “Artist Spotlight: Jesse Cohen
September 28, 2011 – “NBC4 Nonstop Washington,” interview at artdc Gallery
December 22, 2011 – The Washington Post, “‘Petri Dish’ exhibit riffs on scientific themes with diverse media
January 19, 2012 – The Gazette, “The Art of Networking
February 15, 2012 – East City Art, “East City Art Reviews: “Retold” at Artdc Gallery

Personal Art Exhibitions:
Solo Shows:
June 14, 2002 – “An Abstract World,” Ch’i an Art Space, Brooklyn, N.Y.
December 19, 2002 – “An Abstract World II,” HNTB Architecture, Washington, D.C.
March 16, 2004 – “Abstracting the Form,” Kramer Books and afterwords, Washington, D.C.
May 20, 2005 – “Abstraction Within,” Ch’i an Art Space, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Group Shows:
June 22, 2001 – “Montage,” Ch’i an Art Space, Brooklyn, N.Y.
October 31, 2002 – “AAF New York City,” Pier 92, Manhattan, N.Y.
February 27, 2003 – “Currents New York 03, Art New York,” Javits Center, Manhattan, N.Y.
June 19, 2004 – “Focus,” The Art Store Gallery, Washington, D.C.
October 14, 2004 – “Photo New York 2004,” Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan N.Y.
May 21, 2005 – “Art in Transition,” Silver Spring, Md., Art in Transition space
October 6, 2005 – “Photo New York,” Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan N.Y.
April 29, 2006 – “Row House Art Show,” 945 T Street, Washington, D.C.
June 8, 2006 – “Summer Seen,” Wohlfarth Gallery, 3418 9th Street, NE April 13, 2007 – “Artomatic,” Arlington, Va.
June 3, 2007 – “Six Man Show,” Arlington, Va.
October 31, 2008 – “Ofrenda: Art for the Dead” February 21, 2009 – artdc Gallery and studio auction/fundraiser
September 25, 2009 – “Pinned,” founding artists show; no frames allowed
March, 13, 2010 – “Censored,” the artdc Gallery, Hyattsville, MD
November 5, 2010 – “The Breadth and Beauty of Photography,” Studio Gallery, Dupont Circle, D.C.
December 4, 2010 – “artdc Auction” artdc Gallery, Hyattsville, Md.
July 31, 2011 – “Twisted Vines,” Arlington, VA January 28, 2012 – “Retold,” artdc Gallery
January 28, 2012 – “Retold,” artdc Gallery

Interpersonal skills, business development, financial structure development, networking, community development, project planning and delegation, marketing and fundraising, press relations, Web development, .php and MySQL database-driven script implementation, social networking, conflict resolution, and planning.

BS, Biology, English minor, December 1999, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University