Artist’s Statement

In the field of molecular biology we work with systems and materials that are understood but not seen. Our experiments and processes are viewed secondhand through results of chemical interactions left on a plate or a photographic image of a gel marked by a passing reaction. Our work seems to exist at an odd intersection between the abstract and the concrete.

My work is representative of that idea. If you draw close to any object, soon it begins to take on abstract qualities. For example, we are used to seeing still-life images at a certain distance; arm’s length or more. Yet, once you enter into a flower’s stamen for a look around, you’ve arrived at Terra Incognita where everything is fresh and unknown.

In these images I’ve moved in close for a different view, focusing sharply on human curves or a flower’s organs. This sets the image clearly in the real world with an abstract composition, yet lets the fields dissolve into the sensuous contrasting forms that are unnoticed periphery in everything we see.

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