• Former manager of the Bethesda branch of L’Eclat de Verre, a B2B and D2C art consulting and framing company.
• Founded in 2004. Developed a grassroots organization, an art gallery and 2 commercial art studios. Have more than 5 years managing and operating 3 commercial properties.
• Demonstrated success developing a network of 2,400+ individuals to create market awareness of the arts in the Washington, D.C. area through, and
• More than 4 years of experience as CEO of Fine Art Ventures, LLC.
• 10+ years of scientific research with a focus on Microbiology and Candida albicans.


• Manager, L’Eclat de Verre, June 2011-May 2013
• Founder of—March 2004-present
• Curator for and Fine Art Ventures, LLC—May 2005-present
• President and CEO of Fine Art Ventures, LLC—February 2009-present
• Research Assitant 3 —October 2000-December 2011

Marketing and Sales Experience:

• Two years experience with L’Eclat de Verre’s U.S. startup. Responsible for social media communication, e-mail communication, sales development, advertising and customer service.
• Seven years of experience in branding, strategy development, social media, Internet and guerilla marketing to gain public awareness. Managed promotional operations through mass-mailing, press contact and face-to-face contact

Personnel Management Experience:

• Two years experience as manager at L’Eclat de Verre
• Seven years of experience managing an Internet-based community
• Experience managing volunteer staff for brick-and-mortar events
• Three years of experience managing interns for from programs at George Mason University and University of Maryland, College Park
• Five years of experience acquiring leaseholders for artdc’s former New York Avenue property


Network development, community development, marketing, sales, social media, business development, commercial property management, personnel management, website design and implementation, financial management, customer relations and contract negotiation

Information Technology:

Experience with open source PHP?/MySQL scripts including content management systems, forums and ad servers. Social media, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft? Office?, Adobe? Photoshop? and more.


Bachelor of Science, Biology—December 1999 Microbiology / Immunology Option; English Minor-Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University